Sơn Móng Tay Sweet Color sh326 (12ml)

Nhãn hiệu: Sweet Color
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Giới thiệu Sơn Móng Tay Sweet Color sh326 (12ml)

In the case of Color: Green Packing: Separately mounted Makeup effect: other Category: Nail polish product information Colour:



Shelf life:

preservation method:
Dark green

Sealed, protected from light
Product images are taken in kind
24 months


Only to meet Model Show Model Picture Dark green Intellectual SH326 Sweetcolor Tasteless Smear effect show Colorful means of color Everyone can experience it The nail process Lasting bright as new Health does not hurt the hand Product Certification To subvert the traditional tasteless Bright and durable
Easy to fall off
Quick and dry
Only 45 seconds
Unique formula
Natural freshness
Environmental quality certification With the German organization of the European Union, North American cosmetics environmental certification DEKRA Note: tasteless is the absence of petrochemicals to stimulate the smell
Description Specifications • To die, use essential oil for maintenance
• polished nail, trimmed and polished nails
• Clean hands and nails, do not have a miscellaneous
Quality or hand cream lotion and other residues.
• Apply a layer of base oil evenly on the nail.
• Base oil protects nails.
• In general, it is recommended to apply two layers of color oil
• Apply a layer of oil to the base oil for 1 minute
Dry, and then coated the second layer, 3 minutes
• You can then use the pen to make creative nail
• Apply a layer of oil evenly to the nail and wait for the air to dry. Prepare • build care Base oil • Protection nourishment Color oil & pull pen Bright oil • lasting bright color
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Thương hiệuSweet Color
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